Tacoma Rental Agreement

*Any lease you enter into after February 1, 2019 should mention this right sixty days in advance for a rent increase. Even if it is not, it is still the law. TMC 1.95.090 (A) (1). Termination of the lease agreement is an essential part of the contract. There are two possible reasons for termination: the agreement must reflect the state`s eviction laws. If you do not comply, there is a high risk of being sued. Protect your rights by designing and signing a duly written document. In this way, both parties clearly understand their rights and duties. You can refer to the agreement at any time in the event of a dispute. A tenant should also avoid signing a lease or lease with voids. Cover all the basics. Add the names of the two parties signing the contract and the address of the rented property. Indicate the duration of the rental.

Depending on your specific agreement, the duration may have a set end date or be unlimited instead. Yes, it`s always a good idea to get a written lease. Although oral agreements between the tenant and the lessor on the use of their property can be legally enforced in most cases, it is difficult to verify the conditions, as each party may remember them differently. If you receive it in writing, you can avoid future disputes and misunderstandings. Have you successfully found tenants for your rented property in Tacoma, WA? On November 20, 2018, the Tacoma City Council passed the Rental Housing Code, which provides tenant protection and specific guidelines for landlords who operate housing rental companies in Tacoma. The Rental Housing Act also contains a provision to assist qualified tenants in relocating housing and allows the City to investigate complaints and enforce the code. • Who pays the attorney`s fees in the event of a dispute regarding the size or implementation of the rental agreement or lease • An agreement to comply with future rules implemented by the landlord The new tacoma law requires landlords to announce any rent increase 60 days in advance. Note that this applies to all rent increases and is not limited to increases of 10% or more as in Seattle. If you own, operate or lease rentals within tacoma`s boundaries, the Rental Housing Code applies to you. Check that your property is located within the city limits of Tacoma.

A lease is often a short-term rent of 30 days and the contract can be renewable after the rental period. For monthly rents, the lessor may add or modify certain conditions in the agreement with regular written notification. . . .


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