Peer Coaching Agreement

If you are already a coach or are in training to become one, you can participate in peer coaching sessions as long as you follow the guidelines on this page. If you do not comply with the rules, ICHARS reserves the right to withdraw you from peer coaching meetings and access to the ICHARS website. The mission of the coaching program is to increase your ability to guide your organization to a higher level of performance. If there is a problem related to the work of one of your employees and you want to identify the need for corrective action with a particular staff member, you should contact the support and management of your HR representative. The role of the coach is also not as a counselor, counselor, therapist or any other role that offers similar services. Q: How many sessions are there? A: There are three sessions a week. Each session lasts 2 hours, so there should be enough time for a couple of coaches to coach each other. Since the coaching service is an investment in your development by UNC, you are asked to give feedback after coaching sessions in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. You will also be encouraged to share the desired results for coaching engagement with your manager or any other UNC sponsor (e.g. B your HR representative or head of department/department). The purpose of sharing your goals is to highlight the effects of this possibility of development. Coaching sessions are confidential and the particularities and details of conversations remain strict between the coach and the client, with the following exceptions: Summaries or recurring topics signalling an organizational problem common to several clients may be posted to management; in such cases, your identity is not disclosed; if you disclose information about activities that are contrary to UNC guidelines or that we must legally report, such as for example. B illegal acts or life-threatening situations.

Q: Can I get feedback on my coaching? A: Abosolutely. We can arrange a mentor coach for participation and offer you tutoring for a fee. You can also participate in one of our coach training programs that will give you all the opportunity to get detailed feedback on your coaching. In order for you to achieve maximum effectiveness from the coaching experience, it is essential that you are honest and open during the sessions. You can feel free to discuss with your coach anything positive or negative to improve your effectiveness as a leader within UNC. It`s your coaching agenda, and it`s about achieving your goals. It is therefore important that you prepare for meetings and take into account the action points. You have a responsibility to make your own decisions and achieve your own results – your own success. At ICHARS, we would like coaches from around the world to come together and share their knowledge and experiences. For this reason, you can participate in these peer coaching sessions and improve your skills with other coaches, whether you have trained with US at ICHARS or have been certified by other institutes. Q: What language is spoken in peer coaching? A: Currently, we require that all coaches speak English.

If you are associated with someone and you speak another language, you can use that language – it is up to you to do so. Make sure you both agree on what you`re going to say. Participation in our peer coaching sessions is free, but you must abide by the rules.


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