Ottoman Empire Agreement

The Empire was obliged to grant freedom of transit to persons, goods, ships, etc., passing through its territory, and transit goods were to be exempt from all customs duties. Future changes to the tax system, the customs system, internal and external loans, import and export tariffs and concessions would require the agreement of the Financial Commission of the Allied Powers to be implemented. In order to prevent economic remorse from Germany, Austria, Hungary or Bulgaria, the treaty required the Empire to liquidate the property of the citizens of these countries who lived on its territories. Public liquidation should be organized by the Reparations Commission. Ownership rights to the Baghdad Railway should be beyond German control. An unresolved issue, the dispute between the Kingdom of Iraq and the Republic of Turkey over the former province of Mosul, was then negotiated in 1926 under the aegis of the League of Nations. The British and the French divided Greater Syria in the Sykes-Picot agreement. Other secret agreements have been concluded with Italy and Russia. [7] The Balfour Declaration encouraged the international Zionist movement to put pressure on a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Although part of the Triple Entente, Russia also had war agreements that prevented it from participating in the partition of the Ottoman Empire after the Russian Revolution. The Treaty of Sèvres officially recognized the new league of nations mandates in the region, the independence of Yemen, and British sovereignty over Cyprus.


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