Disagreement Between Theorists About The Definition Of Global Citizenship

While global citizenship has existed for more than 50 years, the last decade has been particularly beneficial for this term, especially with regard to education (Davies 2006); Grudzinski Hall 2007; Hicks 2003). With increasing changes in all areas of life (e.g. B economic, political, cultural, etc.) in the wake of globalization, the need to bring out individuals who find their way into a globalized world requires an understanding of the concept of global citizenship. Universities have called for a greater focus on educating citizens (Grudzinski-Hall 2007), but empirical research on identity is relatively lacking in the literature. Different concepts have been proposed to encompass the notion of global citizenship, such as global identity (Weathersby 1992), cosmopolitanism (Appiah 2006), global citizenship (Gibson, Rimmington and Landwehr-Brown in 2008) and planetary citizenship (Haigh 2008). Despite the multiplicity of terms used, there are consistent overlaps between terms and disciplines. Relationship between country comparison and dependent variables, transmitted by Global Citizenship Identification Keywords: Global citizenship, social identity, social justice, empathy, help, norms. From a social identity perspective, the degree of identification with a global citizen identity should relate to the degree of support for prosocial values postulated in the literature (e.g. B social justice, environmental protection). In other words, the more an individual defines the self as a citizen of the world, he should provide greater support for social justice, national equality, empathy and help between groups and concern for the environment (i.e. the content of that identity), although his definition of global citizenship may be different. In addition, an individual`s normative environment (the perception that friends and family value being a global citizen) should predict their degree of identification as global citizens.

A social identity perspective of Global Citizenship also suggests that interactions between small grass root movements have a strong influence on the content and norms of identity and that self-identification as a global citizen (inclusive social identity) should relate to intra-group cooperation and support. Individuals belong to several social groups and identify with them. Each social identity has a series of attitudes, norms and values that are divided and reacted to when identity is distinguished (Hogg and Smith 2007). The degree of identification in the group is positively related to support and behavioural signature of the group`s norms, values and attitudes (Turner et al. 1987; Hogg and Smith 2007). Indeed, the degree of group identification is linked to one`s own self-definition, perceptions, attitudes and behaviours, in accordance with the norms and values of the group (Armenta et al. 2011; Jetten and Postmes 2006). The degree of identification with the group also reflects the degree of interdependence between the group and the self in terms of attitudes, even in the cognitive pattern of an individual (Coats et al.

2000). However, little research directly investigates the content of groups or how group members define their social identity (Ashby, Haslam, & Webley 2009). Based on the perspective of social identity, the content of a group`s identity is the common norms, values and attitudes of the group members. Nevertheless, no research has sought to determine whether group attitudes overlap with secular definitions of group members. Gasket. Importance of Global Citizenship I. II Introduction Benefits of a Global Citizen in the World of Advanced Technologies III. The cause of disagreements between theorists on the definition of global citizenship. IV.

Two results of Citizenship V. VI. VII i. Diversity value ii. The degree of responsibility to act to improve the world Personal events in life that illustrate the evolution of global citizenship. Specific general image sources that influenced me to become a citizen of the world.. . . .


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